Do you really offer guaranteed phone contracts or is it just a gimmick?

Well, we understand that there is a lot of misgivings as well as doubts when it comes to guaranteed phone contracts. Those of you who have over and over been turned away because of a poor credit rating simply canít wrap their finger around the idea of a guaranteed phone contract. However, we want to allay your doubts and give you our word that you are indeed guaranteed of a phone contract irrespective of your credit rating. In essence, what we are simply trying to say is that you are guaranteed of approval irrespective of whether you have a history of defaults, arrears or even CCJs.

How do I go about the process of applying for a guaranteed contract?

Well, we live in the internet age and this means that traditional ways of applying for a phone contract are fast becoming obsolete. This however, does not mean that you canít apply for a contract phone from our brick and mortar offices. Far from it. What we are simply trying to say is that you can choose to make an application online or by coming in to one of our offices.

What requirements do I need to meet to be considered eligible for a guaranteed contract phone?

If you have been shying away from guaranteed phone contracts because you think we have demanding requirements, itís about time you rethought your decision. Basically, we first and foremost require that you be an adult of sound mind residing within the UK. In this regard, proof of citizenship is required (an identification card will suffice). Secondly, we need to have proof that you are employed either full time or part time. If you are in self-employment, proof of regular income will be of the essence. In this regard, copies of payslips, as well as bank statements, will be enough!

I have a history of arrears. Do I need to worry?

Not at all. In any case, guaranteed phone contracts were invented for individuals who had been denounced by major phone providers because of their bad credit rating. Guaranteed contract phones give those with a poor credit rating or rather those with a history of defaults the opportunity to redeem themselves. You therefore need not hesitate and apply irrespective of how poor your credit score is.

Do you really not perform credit checks?

Yes and no. According to the law, we are required to perform credit checks prior to approving any mobile phone contract deal. The difference is, the results of your credit checks have no bearing or rather do not influence in any way the decision to approve or reject your application. We simply use the results to find the best deal for you. You therefore should not hesitate to apply for our guaranteed mobile contracts.

Is it standard practice for me to pay security upfront?

Let it be known that itís not mandatory to pay a security deposit upfront simply because you have a poor credit rating. The only instances when we require you to deposit a small sum of security upfront is when you want a high-end phone such as the latest Samsung Galaxy s7 or iPhone 6s. Such phones are pretty expensive and therefore pose a great risk on our part. To mitigate the risk and shield ourselves from registering great losses, we might at times ask you to make an upfront deposit. However, this is not a one-off payment but rather a refundable amount of money at the expiry of your contract.

What effect does defaulting on payment have?

For one, you will not be able to upgrade to a better deal. Secondly, your credit rating will further suffer a beating which in essence means your chances of being approved for a loan or even contract phone in the future become slim.