About us


At Better Together Phones, we stand proud as one of the earliest providers of guaranteed phone contracts in the UK market. Since inception, our sole objective has been to help as many UK citizens as possible struggling with a poor credit rating get a phone contract. Before we entered the UK market, scores of UK citizens with a poor credit rating had few options when it came to guaranteed phone contracts. Even those that offered phone contracts for bad credit individuals still had misgivings or rather rejected a substantial number of applications. We were motivated to make a change to this and we can gladly state that we have delivered in this respect.

At Better Together Phones, we thrive because we do not judge or discriminate our customers simply because they have had trouble in the past financially. On the contrary, we endeavour to offer top notch service while at the same time enlightening our customers on the underlying benefits of guaranteed contract phones on their credit score. We believe in giving second chances and this explains why we are one of the most decorated and well respected mobile phone providers in the UK. Our customer personnel understand the concept of excellent service delivery and are always at your beck and call should you have any queries.